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Misfit Kava

Misfit Kava is the result of Vanessa Lopez's multi-year long dream to establish an inclusive kava bar in Brooklyn, New York that focuses on fostering a diverse community for folks seeking non-alcoholic social spaces. In addition, Misfit Kava is a platform for giving back, to the local community of Bushwick, with a vision to expand outward as her business grows. Open 6 days a week, Misfit Kava hosts a variety of artists, musicians, and craftspeople in addition to providing a safe space for all people to relax and socialize.


Finn Vintage

Finn Vintage, a woman owned and operated vintage boutique in Brooklyn, New York, is the brainchild of Madeline Stedman. Built from her love of thrifting, fashion, and self expression, Finn Vintage is meant to be a safe space for all to experiment with clothing and present their most authentic self. Located in the heart of Bushwick, Finn Vintage is open 6 days a week for in person shopping, as well as offering live sales over through their Instagram. 

Community Partners: Meet the Team
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Fostering Connections that Uplift the Trans Community.

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