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In the United States today, so many people are struggling to access basic health care. For trans and gender nonconforming people, this fight is emphasized by so many rigid barriers including financial walls, inadequate insurance coverage, and lack of meaningful guidance from woefully undertrained and ill equipped medical providers. In addition, many trans people struggle to find community support and reliable online resources to guide them through the process of accessing gender affirming reconstructive care. 

This project is spearheaded by Tobly McSmith and Annie Morgan, both of trans experience who have had to fight for their own access to gender affirming care. Together, we want to bring greater awareness and access to life saving healthcare for trans and nonbinary people of all walks of life.


Tobly McSmith


Tobly McSmith is author of Stay Gold, a young adult novel about love, staying true to yourself, and transgender issues. Stay Gold is published by HarperCollins and was selected as Amazon, Audible, and Indie Bookstore Best of Month. McSmith's sophomore novel, Act Cool, came out in 2021 and was called "One of the most powerful YA books of the year" by Popsugar. Tobly is the co-creator/writer of nine successful musical parodies, including Friends! The Musical Parody. Tobly was born in Texas. He now lives in New York City with his cats.


Annie Morgan

Vice President/ Director

Energetic and opinionated, Annie brings a decade of customer service experience to her work in non-profit and lgbt+ advocacy, with a particular focus ion trans experience and pursuing gender affirming medical care. 

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